About the fair


Historic Vehicle Fair - Auto Nostalgia 2020, i.e. the 10th edition of the event as unique and unrepeatable as most of the vehicles presented as part of the exhibition. In addition to foreign classics, enthusiasts of oldschool motorization will also be able to admire Polish legends and embark on a journey to childhood or early youth.

For the love of classic motoring and thanks to cooperation with our partners, we can be witnessing the jubilee - tenth edition of Auto Nostalgia. The fair is a wonderful journey to the times of our grandparents and fathers, in which classic motoring had its origins. It is time to remember the drone of old engines and go back a bit to admire the pearls of motorization in all their glory again! Do not hesitate any longer and be there with us during this absolutely unique event.

Global Expo, because that's where we prepare for you Auto Nostalgia 2020 will be filled to the brim with oldschool works of art on four (and not only) wheels. Ready for time travel?